Matsya Setu App Uplifting Aqua Farmers

Matsya Setu App Uplifting Aqua Farmers
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Matsya Setu app definition and features

Matsya Setu app is a mobile application to virtually educate aqua farmers. This app provides aqua farming the latest training materials to farmers. Matsya Setu apps helps farmers in learning the latest seed production, breeding and grow-out culture of commercially important fishes.

The platform has detailed video lectures of breeding, seed production and culture of many important commercial fish species. Matsya Setu course module has been designed in self-learning style with quizzes, the leaners can also attend the live-classes.

Highly skilled trainers have prepared the content. Moreover, the trainers have ample amount of experience in Aqua farming. They are well equipped with skills on the latest Aqua farming techniques.

Moreover, Matsya Setu app is inspired by Modi’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat initiative. Not only farmers but it is useful for agriculture students also. Apart from launching this app Modi government announced a good investment amount for this initiative.

Apart from training farmers will get e-certificate after completion of training. Farmers can watch training materials on commercial fishes. Apart from this, farmers can also ask their questions to experts.

In fact, it is a complete virtual training and helping platform. Not only farming but you can learn fisheries business. I suggest people who are starting fishery business to download this mobile application. Surely, you will become a successful entrepreneur if you learn it and implement it.

Not only this, earlier in September 2020, PM Narendra Modi launched the flagship scheme Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana. Modi took lot of initiatives to develop the fisheries sector in recent years. The investment amount of Rs.20050 crore planned for this scheme.

Target for all these initiatives

Target is very ambitious.

  • 7 million tonnes of fish production under PMMSY.
  • Rs 1 lakh crore fish exports.
  • 55 lakh employment generation in the next five years, etc.
  • India stands number 2 in fisheries business. PM Modi aims to make country number 1 in fisheries business.

In fact, It requires multi-pronged strategies with collaborative and concerted efforts between the government and stakeholders.

Benefits of Matsya Setu App :

  1. Training on commercially important fishes such as catfish, carp, scampi, murrel, ornamental fish and pearl farming.
  2. In depth training program for aqua farmers.
  3. Not only training but also a cerfication program for farmers.
  4. Apart from farmers, a virtual training platform for farming students also.
  5. Commercial training to boost fish export business of India.
  6. A single app to maage training & fish production for Government.
  7. Single platform solution for all fisheries business.
  8. Dedicated training and advisory support from highly skilled trainers.
  9. Likely to get more government benefits in future due to PM modi Atma Nirbhar Bharat vision.

Social Media Coverage of Matsya Setu App launch

Immediately after launch of Matsya Setu mobile app Indian Council of Agricultural Research tweeted.

Department of Fisheries, Min of FAH&D tweeted about the launch.

Where to download Matsya Setu Mobile application

Matsya Setu mobile application
Matsya Setu mobile application image on Google Play store

You can download Matsya Setu app from Google play store.

Matsya Setu mobile application feedback

Matsya Setu app has a very good interface and nice content.

Video is taking more time to load. Better to provide comments section below the video so that rather than asking questions people can interact with trainers.

Since it is a learning app sign up should be simply using email and phone number. This app is asking for user location when trying to see videos.

Above all, Matsya Setu app is an extraordinary app to learn fisheries farming.


Matsya Setu mobile app will be of great use to the aqua farmers. Not only farmers will learn new technology but they will develop financially also. It will boost their productivity.

Since India is a country of farming. A large amount of Indian population depends on various form of farmering. In this case, this app is going to boost economy of India.

In fact, Matsya Setu virtual training will help farmers in better managing their business. This will lead to farmers profit.

Thanks for reading this article. We will publish more details of Matsya Setu app. In case you have any quetions, please feel free to write comments.

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