Apun Ghar Scheme to benefit home loan in Assam

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Apun Ghar Scheme is for Assam state employees. It is also known as the Apun Ghar home loan scheme. It helps employees to fulfill their housing needs.

What is the Apun Ghar scheme ?

Basically, Apun Ghar scheme facilitates housing loans for the regular Assam state government employees. During the 2016-17 budget session the state government launched this scheme.

The Apun Ghar loan grants benefits on home loan interest. It is only for regular Assam state government employees. State Bank of India supports and materialises Apun Ghar home loan scheme.

Moreover, the Assam government and SBI signed an MOU in 2016-17. Thus, SBI provides home loans at subsidised interest rates.

The maximum limit of this loan is Rs 15 lakh. It covers approximately 4.2 lakh state government employees. The loans will be sanctioned for construction of a house on an existing plot of land.

Moreover, a loan grant is applicable either in the name of a government employee or his/her spouse. Employees can avail loans for purchase of land or construction of houses. Loans are also available for purchase of a flat or readymade building within the state of Assam.

Purpose behind Apun Ghar home loan

The Assam government wants to give financial support to its employees for their basic needs. Home is a basic necessity for any family. By providing this scheme, the government wants to ensure housing for all its employees.

Eligibility Criteria for Apun Ghar home loan

These are the basic eligibility criteria for this scheme :

  • Applicable for Assam state Government employees.
  • Minimum age should be 21 years.
  • Resident of Assam for at least 5 years.
  • Maximum 70 years for employees with pensionable service
  • Maximum 60 years for employees with non-pensionable service

Rate of interest and subsidy for Apun Ghar Home Loan :

The state government employees can avail a loan of up to Rs 15 Lakh. Employees can avail an interest subsidy of 3.5%.

There is a fixed Interest rate for men and women employees. For men the rate of interest is 5.5% and for women employees it is 5%.

So for men employees the interest rate is 8.5%. For women employees the rate of interest is 8% which is 0.5% less than for men employees. 

Moreover, the subsidy helps both in terms of lower interest rates and lower EMI’s. Listed below are the interest and EMI rates:

Loan AmountRs. 15 LakhRs. 15 Lakh
Interest Subsidy3.50%3.50%
Interest Rate after Subsidy5.50%5%
Maximum Loan Tenure20 Years20 Years
Effective EMI (for a loan of Rs. 15 Lakh for 20 Years)
Before SubsidyRs. 13,017Rs. 13,017
After SubsidyRs. 10,318Rs. 9,899

Education loan for state employees children under Apun Ghar scheme

Apart from Apun Ghar home loan, employees can avail higher education loans for their children. Rate of interest for education loan under this scheme is 4%.

Moreover, both types of loans will be free of any collateral security and processing fee. A child of a government employee can avail loan up to Rs 10 lakhs.

Repayment starts one year after he or she completes his or her studies. There is no burden to pay the EMI immediately.

The SBI interest rate is 11% of which only 4% will be charged from the employee. The remaining seven percent will be offered as an interest subsidy by the state government

How to Apply for Apun Ghar Home Loan Assam

To apply for Apun Ghar Home Loan Scheme, the state government employees may submit applications to their respective Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs). 

The DDOs will further forward the applications to the SBI for processing.  Further SBI will disburse the loan after verification and documentation.

Moreover, the state government’s finance ministry notification further clarifies that no processing fee will be charged from the applicants. 

A target of 10000 home loans by May next year has been set for the said plan. However, applicants may not visit the SBI branches to apply for the this scheme. 

People feedback about Apun Ghar home loan

People of Assam have largely reacted positively to the scheme. They expressed their happy notion towards the state government’s decision. 

We saw a lot of threads on social media praising the Assam government. Many seem to be pleased with the proposed low interest rates and EMIs of the Apun Ghar scheme. 

In fact, the State Bank of India is involved in the entire process. It adds to the government’s and the scheme’s reliability. It also helps make it accessible for people from remote villages with SBI branches. 

Basically, Housing remains one of the biggest challenges for governments across India. In reality, this policy by Assam government employees is a major strive towards poverty alleviation. Moreover, it secures livelihood concerns employees face over the years.

Suggestions from our side 

Government should plan a grievance redressal cell for the Apun Ghar home loan scheme. Basically, some identified SBI branches and Local Head Offices headed by a DGM specifically for the purpose of properly addressing the grievances.


Apun Ghar scheme is the interest subvention scheme for housing loans for regular Assam state government employees. In fact, it is one of the first of its kind in Assam. 

Certainly, the scheme will ensure housing for a large number of state government employees in Assam. It will also help them improve their livelihood conditions. 

Moreover, The scheme is also expected to contribute massively in boosting the infrastructure in the state of Assam. It may also help increase its Gross State Domestic Product. 

References :

Please visit Assam Government website for more details.

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